Getting what you’ve given up…

It’s funny how life works…we pursue goals and milestones…we aim for perfection, we strive to be our best.

Do you ever get to the point where achieving those objectives just stops allowing you to enjoy the moments along the journey?  I woke up this morning to some amazing news, someone who means the world to me asked me to play an important role in an event they are planning.  This role was something I had dreamed of for years, yet due to changing circumstances I grew to believe that it was a less distinct possibility.  Eventually I accepted that having any role in the event was still important, and that I was still blessed to be included.

But the universe doesn’t work that way…LOL.  Before this morning I actually wasn’t upset, I wasn’t frustrated, I wasn’t sad…I just was.  That’s when the universe (and the important person) shuffled the deck and dealt me a new hand.  I’m sure that some would say that I was always going to fill this role, but I had actually let it go, I let it be the way it was intended to  be.  This morning I got back what I gave up…and I am so grateful!



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