You are now entering a quiet zone….

Silence and noise…it can be hard to live with either. When you arrive at work early or leave long after the crowd, a normally busy space can feel uncomfortable. Sometimes the noises we hear can be so loud that they drown out our thoughts.

It is difficult to find a balance, like that white noise that’s always present, like that minimal amount of light you always want around your home at night. The last week I’ve had so much noise in the form of attention that I couldn’t think to myself. Speeches, photos, videos, meeting hosting, family decisions, and even cries for help….it all added up. I ended up almost every night crying myself to sleep. Some of those nights I was completely alone, in an empty house, lacking even a small hint of life being lived around me.

As a new week comes, I am praying (yes sometimes I pray to whatever is listening) to enter a “quiet zone” for a while….a place where I only hear the comfortable white noise of normal life around me.


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