Rough roads…

Rough roads ahead…so, what do you do?  Full steam ahead, slow and cautious, or avoidance?

Sadly, most paths we follow whether by vehicle or in life corral us into a position where once we have taken the first step down that road, we’re stuck on it until there is an off-ramp and exit.  But do we know for sure what lies ahead, how bumpy the roads are?  Is it safe?

So why do we care?  Is it possible that travelling a well worn and rocky path is actually the best and most beneficial one?  Perhaps it is the climb up the long and steep hills that allows us to push past our limits and challenge our selves.  Maybe the potholes and bumps clear away the burdens like snow or mud clinging to our frames, slowing us down.

While there is potential to be able to navigate the smoothest, easiest and most beneficial journey through life…ask yourself…”is it really worth it?”


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