What Steps Have You Taken….?

Are you a consumer? Are you a user? Do you take and not give? What Steps Have You Taken….?

Do you rely on others? Do you use others? Do you expect a lot? Have your intentions been mistaken…?

Where is your focus? What are your goals? Do you have a plan? What is in your future?

Have you thought about changing your life? Or are you set in your ways? How about improving our culture?

So…What Steps Have You Taken….? I hear many people complain about their lives, and how there are so many aspects of their existence that they no control over. They will yell and scream until they are blue in the face about how unfair the world is…wasting countless energy and moments of living.

I’m not talking about solving world hunger singlehandedly….or cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch overnight. I’m talking about leaving the world a better place than we find it. In so many ways we can give more than we take. We can help more than we receive. Being generous and giving from the heart and soul will be returned in spades. Little by little the universe we live in will be positive and healthy, strong enough to give back to all those who thought to improve the world around them.

So…What Steps Have You Taken?


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