When You Need Help…

You know people, there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable or asking for assistance.  Too often we think that we are invincible or strong, or simply don’t want to admit it to ourselves.  Perhaps we recognize our own need for help but we don’t want others to know, worry or see us as a burden.

Somehow it is easy to justify our silence, our resorting to solitude while suffering.  Internal struggle and pain should be kept internal, right?  No one really wants to hear about our feelings, those are inside things.  Everyone has their own struggles and burdens, so why would anyone want to add yours to their own.

But is this really the way humanity works?  Are we meant to take every step with the expectation that each one is taken only by ourselves?  I don’t believe that we are meant to exist solely as individuals.  We are able to communicate, we make friends, we take on partners.  Why should be limit what we communicate, what makes friendship and what is shared responsibility?

I have been through a lot in my life, especially in the past few years where I had to challenge my own thoughts and feelings on this.  I hid my feelings for so long from myself that it felt natural to hide them from the rest of the world.  When I was at my most vulnerable, when I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t as strong as I wished, help found it’s way to me, without even asking for it.

I’ve grown to understand humanity more, believe in the people in my life, those people we don’t feel like bothering.  As long as your need is genuine, you will never be a bother, you will never be turned away…the people in your life will always be there for you.  So when you need help, just ask!



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