It’s a rough road we all walk on the various sections of the journey that is there our life. Lots of times it’s smooth sailing on newly paved and fast running highways, and sometimes it’s like climbing up Cajon Pass in the heat of summer in low gear with the AC turned off.

Things have been good for me…stable, fun, happy. New people in my life, new relationships, new adventures. These haven’t been without ups and downs, struggles which challenge us.

However, I’ve been blessed with an environment where I am no longer facing my life alone. These struggles are not being borne by me alone. This is important, oh so important. As I recover from some issues I realize that I’m experiencing what is called resilience, an ability to bounce back from adversity. This hasn’t simply just fallen into place, it has been built over time, by myself and those around me in my life.

As I go about my daily life, conditions are being set which put in place supports and mechanisms which I can fall back on when things aren’t going well.

It is important to acknowledge and foster these processes when times are good, so as to help yourself when they aren’t. I am so grateful to all those who are part of my resilience network, whether they realize it not.

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