Being an approximation…

Maybe I’m living in the dream, perhaps my life is not real. I acknowledge that there are aspects of my life which make it difficult for other people to comprehend my reality…because I really do live in a reality of my own making.

The thing is that for me everything I feel and everything that I experience is real and for me is a fact. I am 100% myself, all real, all me.

But today I had a medical professional refer to some aspects of me and my transition as an approximation…an approximation! In how many ways can the world find to label me which reinforces that my reality isn’t shared by anyone and isn’t considered valid? Neo-vagina, trans-woman, transgender….they all provide a qualification to my existence. And now I’m an approximation of a woman…not a woman, not real. It calls into question even my feelings, my reality. Is anything about me and my reality true?

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