…as the waves calm…

I’ve been riding waves lately. I’m not a surfer, or a radio announcer. But there have been larger cyclical motions which have attracted me to their own gravity…holding me to the surface of the path I am on.

To be honest….I’m so happy that this happens. All the big work is done up front, in the years of struggle, in the hours of therapy, in the real life lived. I knew the moment I would get my surgery date that a new phase of life would start…a life where I had the right control over the right parts of my existence. This doesn’t mean that I expect control over my whole life, but it means that I will be ready as ME for the unexpected.

So as the last few hours pass by before my surgery, I can see the waves which have carried me along starting to subside…they have loosen their grip on me and I’m under my own power and control. I am sensing the beginning of the peace and serenity I have seen seeking my whole life.