What’s In Our Heads….

I’ve seen a few posts recently about medical research studies which have confirmed that transgender individuals show clear indications in brain scans that their brains are more aligned with their identified gender. This is significant in many ways….but is also scary.

Some of the commentary views that having these scans is an enabler to allowing young children who are unable to adequately express themselves to have access to medical confirmation that they are transgender and can then get treatment earlier. While I believe that this presents a positive impact, it also presents severe risk to transgender people.

Using brain scans in this way will lead to a “gate keeping” role, turning away those with gender dysphoria but with a negative brain scan. I would be devastated if I was told after years of dysphoria that I couldn’t transition because my brain didn’t match a pattern.

What I believe is that the research is useful to validate that being transgender is natural…it proves that a transgender individual has a brain that functions opposite of their body….meaning we were born this way….God made us this way. There is no need to “cure” this natural variation, simply allow the person to life their life the way they need to…even if that means hormones and surgery. What’s in our heads should stay in our heads….it’s who we are!