All the facts…(Facts vs Perception – Take 2)

We think….we perceive….we experience. These all lead us processing events and activities around us; they lead to increasing our understanding and comprehension of those around us. By living we turn ideas and expectations into facts.

This is human existence…learning by doing. So can we ever have all the facts…? I believe that it’s is not possible to know everything, to have experienced it all. So why do some people think they have all the answers, that they are right and everyone else is wrong?

Some have been blessed with the curse of living multiple existences…whether spiritually or physically. I understand why other cultures honour those who have this gift…who Seek their advice to resolve conflict. I don’t have all the answers, I know that…but I live my life with that understanding clear. Being me…being transgender, having lived multiple existences though has provided me the benefit of putting myself in other people’s places.

So I ask those without this gift…accept that you don’t have all the facts, and that you need to open your hearts, minds and souls to the lives of others who’s existence you can’t comprehend.