Being There…

I’ve learned first hand the benefits of having support when I needed it…and sadly the negative results which occur when help cannot be found.

Since my transition started 18 months ago I have been more and more capable of giving to the community where I didn’t find help at the beginning.  I have taken training, given speeches and courses, even advocated for those who could not.  I love giving!

It’s sad that in some instances our efforts can go to waste.  When the institution is slow or hesitant to change or improve quality of life, then we fail to utilize our greatest assets.  At work we have a peer support program being implemented, yet as one of those who is ready to provide support I don’t have the tools I need or even the network of other support providers.  We don’t even have to ability yet to share resources.  I sincerely hope that no one who needs support doesn’t know we exist, and ends up hurting themselves….just because they didn’t know what they didn’t know.