My dear Best Friend….

It has been so many years together, so many memories, so many experiences tying our lives inextricably together. Over two decades ago I found an amazing person…strong, independent, but at the same time vulnerable and alone. I know that your understanding of our relationship at that point differs from mine, however I can assure you that at my core I have always been completely dedicated to fostering and building a life long friendship.

Our friendship has lasted through financial issues, health issues, multiple moves…heck, it has even survived through me changing my gender. In many ways I believe that our friendship is stronger than it has ever been, that even with all the things we have lost…we are still both focused on ensuring that both of us have the best possible lives we can have.

I would like you to know…you are my best friend, you are my “person”….the one that I want in my life even if all else changes.

Thank you for being in my life….and I truly hope we can intertwine our lives more by creating more memories and have amazing experiences.